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Wild, Wandering Words

Wild, Wandering Words

Featured poet! Andrew Peterson

Eyes on my favorite lyricist, a man who should be known far and wide for his powerful way with words. Andrew Peterson is a glorious songwriter and poet, he has a way of capturing emotions that were too deep for anyone else to adequately touch.

In honor of #NationalPoetryMonth, here is his song “To All the Poets I Have Known”. I had to cut the chorus out to fit it into a picture for you all (shame on me, I know). So go check out the song here:
And check out Andrew Peterson’s youtube channel for many other beautiful songs:

Andrew Peterson - To All the Poets

A Writer’s Prayer

A Writer's Prayer

Poetry and Prose

“You are the poetry, I am the prose”
He told her. But even the lyricist knows
That prose is just poetry, ordered in rows,
Interested in what it says more than shows

As she is the poetry, you’ll understand,
That all of her words were like roses in hand
While his were a sword. Hers the sweet dancers, and
His the bold soldiers, gone firmly to stand.

A hero needs beauty, wherever he goes
And structure is needed as much for a rose
So, side-long, they’ll watch as the other one grows
She is the poetry, he is the prose.

– s. Clark

If I could write a world into existence…
And keep it turning over by persistence

Flaring sunlight with imagination
Twisting whirling words into creation

If I could spark a soul into these pages
That could endure beyond the dreary ages

To fill your hearts with roaring joys and laughter
And sink them in the sorrows of disaster

If I could sew such friendships in the weaving
Of my still words, such that you mourn their leaving

And dream adventures worthy of your reaching
With messages so true they merit teaching

If I could write a world to life and breath
Then I could gaze unfaltering at death

And know my life worthwhile in the living,
For letting go is joy, if it is giving.

– s. Clark

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