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Wild, Wandering Words

Wild, Wandering Words

Return of Theme Week

Happy Monday, everybody!
With the start of a new week, the (relative) settling down of things, and the need to combat my own writer’s block, I present the return of Theme Week!

Comment or send me a message in what sort of theme you would like to see some poems on this week. It can be as broad as “nature”, as specific as “the sound of laughter”, and anything around or between!

Looking forward to writing for you again.

Ride the Fever

I was able to snag a computer to post this for you! 🙂

You have to ride the fever when it strikes you,
You have to swim the ocean in the swell.
You never know when all the springs will die out
And leave you in the driest, desert spell.
You never know when wind may fall to silence
And leave you drifting empty with your sails,
So when the wind is rushing, breathe it deeply!
And leave no words unspoken in your trail.

– s. Clark

Lost Motivation

Sometimes the words are dead,
And you wade through sludged motivation
Grasping brittle twigs of thought
And yanking, just to fall,
Plunged into folds of dead flesh,
Rotted putrid for lack of movement.
Sometimes you breathe to speak,
And suck in dried, empty air
That sweeps and cracks your throat
Like a desert tunnel
And you collapse, for thirst
Of words worth saying.
Sometimes the sun does not warm
So much as burn,
And the stars do not sparkle
So much as distract,
And the river of your soul is nothing
But a muck-clogged creek bed
Wrinkling your nose
With the stench of empty dreams.

– s. Clark

Introducing Theme Weeks!

My dears,
In appreciation and celebration of receiving you lovely people as followers, and as a challenge to learn to better push through writer’s block, I am going to start a weekly poetry exercise in which I will pick a theme and attempt to write a poem to fit that theme each weekday. This challenge will thusly kick off on Mondays and culminate on Fridays. Here’s what I ask from you!

– If you have any suggestions for a theme you’d like to see explored, submit it to me on my Facebook page or in the comments on my weekly Theme Announcements, and I will do my best!
– Feel free to write a piece to match the theme! Tag it under PoeticutteringsThemes or submit it on my Facebook page, and I will pick and repost my favorites. I would love to see your poetry, short stories, or whatever comes to mind!

As a teaser for what’s coming up this week, the theme will be Fairy Tales Retold, and the title of my first submission is “Neverland”.

As always, if you have any prompts, questions, or just want to say hi, feel free to message me. Take care!

– s. Clark

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