Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"



Theme Week: Contradiction – 3

Cognitive Dissonance

We want to have patience,
but don’t want to wait.
Love movies with violence,
but want to end hate.

We say we love laughter,
and friendship, and truth.
We fight to keep money,
and status, and youth.

The world would be better,
I’ve found to be true,
if what we believed
looked more like what we do.

– s. Clark

Burn the World

A frozen field of broken glass
That makes up crystal flowers
And shooting sprouts of poison grass
That grow in acid showers
A cold and cracking ashen sky
Over a salt-seared ocean
That fills as all the children cry
Of empty, dead emotion
A creeping chill sweeps through the trees
And leaves their fingers reaching
They’re wishing for a pair of knees
To bend beneath the screeching
The lightning strikes, and sets ablaze
The fields, burns through the ground
The tears, the fears, the twisted maze…
It burns the whole world down.

– s. Clark

Comfort Neglected

How often I have passed beside
This self-same tree, and never spied
The flowers peaking twixt its leaves,
Hanging my head so low to grieve.
So caught was I in my despair,
I did not chance to see it there,
And missed its beauty’s gentle touch,
Which I have needed ne’er so much.

– s. Clark

The truth lies under skin of trees,
In gentle breeze,
In microscopic cells.
The truth shines, burning from the sky,
It strikes the eye,
And silently compels.

– s. Clark

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