Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"



The Woman Who Won You

The woman who won you,
how did she attain such a feat?
What distance must be run,
at what tremendous gait,
to gain such gold?
What quest did she fulfill
to win the sweetness of your smile?
What danger did she brave
to earn the hunger in your eyes?
What long, arduous odyssey
would I take to know your story?
What mountain would I climb
for the high of your touch?
What fearsome foe to vanquish
that would conquer such a heart?
What is her careful craft?
How do I match her might?
No, I am mere mortal.
And she must somehow be
a goddess in her own right,
the woman who won you.

– s. Clark


She is bound to love you, bound to let you in
A will can’t hold out long against those eyes
That penetrating gaze can fill the hollowed heart within
And send it spinning gladly to demise
Darling, don’t you worry, for you have no need to fret
I promise you that she will come to see.
For I’m convinced that any girl you wanted you could get
Just speak to her the way you speak to me
Just hold her closely to you, and tell her it’s all right
Whenever she comes crying to your door
Let your gentle, caring smile bring her warmth and light
At least for me, you needed nothing more
I’m sure that she will also love the laughter that you bring…
And hang on every word you have to say,
Just as I have. And further still, I’m certain if you sing
Your golden voice will steal her love away
You may decide that I am wrong, for sadly, I’m not her
And cannot know for sure what she’ll demand
I can only tell you how you caused my heart to stir
So much that it still lies within your hands.

– s. Clark

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