Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"





She Believes

She believed,
Once upon a time,
In dreams and fairytales
In storybooks and rhymes.
She has learned,
Since then, that life is hard,
That dreams are work and wear,
And stories leave you scarred.
But she believes,
That dreams can still come true,
That love is worth the fight
And faith can see you through.

– s. Clark

Try Again

Try again.
I know it’s hard
You have been burned,
And now you’re charred
I know how long
The climb has been…
Know you are strong,
And try again.
You may be marked
By failure’s fall,
Don’t let its grip
Hold you enthrall
Though you be struck
By sword and pen,
Raise up your bones
And try again.
No one but you
Can end your run,
Can call your time
Before you’ve won
You are not weighed
By mortal men.
If you still dream,
Then try again.

– s. Clark

Try Everyone Once

It came to her attention
That people are like food
They come in different flavors,
Like sweet or salted rude.
They may be boiled bitter,
Or smooth and light as cream,
Robust and red and hearty,
Or dry and tough and lean.
Some laugh like spilling honey,
Some scramble in their haste.
Others have unpleasant looks
That do not match their taste.
She learned to test each flavor,
And keep an open mind,
Not to pick a few she liked
And leave the rest behind.
Though she might choke on heartache,
And swallowing goodbye,
She’ll never find new favorites
If she won’t dare to try.

– s. Clark

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