Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"



A Note to Time

A Note to Time


Tic-tock, tic-tock,
Another minute.
Another wasted moment in it.
A breath, a flinch,
And then it’s finished.

Tic-tock, tic-tock,
And life just passes.
A mess of work, and sleep, and classes,
Brief tumble through
The whirling masses

Tic-tock, tic-tock…
We chase the ending
Some wavering and some unbending
But each one lost
And all pretending

Tic-tock, tic-tock
Where are we going?
We plummet onward, never knowing
Just why we run
Or when we’re slowing.

Tic-tock, tic-tock,
We hear the clicking,
The pain of age comes to us, pricking
Don’t think, run on,
The Clock is ticking.

– s. Clark


I asked him, aren’t you tired?
And he said he hated sleep
Because he simply couldn’t bear
To see the the day depart
The time will pass us either way,
I asked that he recall,
The moon is done, and with the sun,
A brand new day will start.

I should have known him better,
And of course I know he knows,
Time marches on and waits for none
To kindly step away,
But even facing battle
In a war that he must lose,
He isn’t one to bow to things
So common as a day.

– s. Clark


Tis but a little time
We walk this weary earth
Only a shallow breath
Between our birth

And death.

– s. Clark

Missing Person

Have you seen a little girl?
I left her here, some time ago
She said that she would meet me here
But I fear it no longer so

Have you seen the girl I left?
I have been searching for her smile
I promised I would come for her,
But I’ve been gone a long, long while

I don’t know how to return,
To find her after all I’ve done…
I have sought through the dead, cold woods
Through corners where she may have gone

I have searched my twisted heart
And scoured through its darkened grime
But she no longer knows my voice…
I fear her lost for all of time

If you find the girl I knew,
Tell her of my remorse and pain
Tell her I’m here within the woods,
Waiting for her to come again

– s. Clark

The Ancient War (Rain in Korea)

The boom, the charging call,
And forth the water droplets go!
To wage war with their ancient foe
The Earth, to which they fall

A crash, the crack of light,
Their ally leaves but ash around
As, speeding passed, he smotes the ground
With streaks of burning might

But Lightening flees as fast
And leaves the Rain to wage her war,
As endless hordes of soldiers pour,
Each fighting to the last

The Rain remembers when,
Just once, she beat the prideful stones,
And swallowed up Earth’s battered bones
To cleanse the race of men

And since, she cannot yield.
The Rain will rest when she has won,
And only retreats from the Sun
To storm another field

– s. Clark

Small Moments

It was a happy moment stooping low,
but only stopping by to say hello.
He asked that it step in to break its bread
or even stay the night. It shook its head,
explaining that it must be off once more
to stop in at some other person’s door,
and was regretful that it could not stay,
but he was kindly to it on its way,
So that when passing by his way again,
it might see fit to stay awhile then.

– s. Clark

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