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"Let the battered heart rejoice"



Book incoming! I seek your answers.

Friends! I am putting out a poetry book, and I WANT TO KNOW YOUR DESIRES! Listed are the possible theme(s) the book could take, and I would like to know what you would most like to see. Answer in the comments!

  • Grief & Rebirth
  • Of Lovely, Quiet Things
  • Prayers & Praises
  • Poems for the Grieving
  • Poems of Encouragement
  • The Beauty of People

Theme Week: Fighting for Light – 3

Loving Arms

Sometimes the darkness gets its way
Sometimes I cannot find the day,
But when I most deeply had lost my way,
That was the time You found me.

Sometimes I feel the pain’s too deep
Sometimes it seems the climb’s too steep,
But I can fight the whole world, if You keep
Your loving arms around me.

– s. Clark

Theme Week: Impressions – 1


He’s the pause before the punchline
Silence of a bated breath,
Stillness spread across the ocean
That belies its reaching depth

He’s a stone wall, standing stoic,
You can lean on him to stand
And, unmoving, he’ll support you,
Even if he’s set in sand

But there’s life within his waters,
And there’s light inside his stones
His quick wit will keep you tipping,
And there’s laughter in his bones

Just beyond his walls are wonders
That are worth the climb you brave
And you cannot know the sea until
You sink beneath the waves

– s. Clark

Introducing Theme Weeks!

My dears,
In appreciation and celebration of receiving you lovely people as followers, and as a challenge to learn to better push through writer’s block, I am going to start a weekly poetry exercise in which I will pick a theme and attempt to write a poem to fit that theme each weekday. This challenge will thusly kick off on Mondays and culminate on Fridays. Here’s what I ask from you!

– If you have any suggestions for a theme you’d like to see explored, submit it to me on my Facebook page or in the comments on my weekly Theme Announcements, and I will do my best!
– Feel free to write a piece to match the theme! Tag it under PoeticutteringsThemes or submit it on my Facebook page, and I will pick and repost my favorites. I would love to see your poetry, short stories, or whatever comes to mind!

As a teaser for what’s coming up this week, the theme will be Fairy Tales Retold, and the title of my first submission is “Neverland”.

As always, if you have any prompts, questions, or just want to say hi, feel free to message me. Take care!

– s. Clark

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