Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"



I Wear Your Shoes

I saw this poem by e. e. cummings, and it really echoed the feeling of my poem today. So I present both to you.

I wore your shoes today.
To carry you with me.
In all the words I say,
In everything I see.
Your spirit comes along
In every step I take,
You help me to be strong
In every choice I make.
So I will love, and pray,
And be who you would be.
I wore your shoes today,
To carry you with me.

             s. Clark

I Carry Your Heart


I will learn to take the pain
And place it on a shelf.
I will pretend so long, so well
that I convince myself.

– s. Clark

Theme Week: Bravery – 1

The Courage to Live

He walks through empty pews,
feet crunching on the shards
of stained glass dreams. The news
has reached him: the abyss
gapes and consumes, unmoved
by what one man would miss.
He raises up his head,
though wearied and weighed down,
the smoking dark has bled
beneath the door, but he
looks up to find the light,
though he can barely see
it anymore. The cold
has crept into his hearth.
He feels so very old,
but he is still alive,
sometimes that is the most
that we can do. Survive.
Praying that God will give
the courage that we need
to wake up, and to live.

– s. Clark











“Healing Process”

Every day she wakes
And sews her shredded soul
Stitching seams
With threaded dreams,
Pretending she is whole.

As the day goes on
They loosen and untie,
She’ll cinch and bind
Them with her mind.
And smile. Sunlit lie.

They never hold for long,
The pain bleeds through bands.
She’ll cover it
With will and wit
For all the time she can.

The threads can’t stand the strain,
She heads for home, and then
They snap, and spill.
One night until
She’ll start it all again.

– s. Clark

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