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"Let the battered heart rejoice"



Nature’s Beauty

Today we’re doing a re-run from a couple weeks ago because THERE WAS A TYPO AND I DIDN’T NOTICE, YOU GUYS SOMEONE TELL ME NEXT TIME. XD

Nature's Beauty

The Dragon

The Dragon




My friends, I know I’ve been a while. Thank you for your patience. New poems are coming. Here’s the first!


Theme Week: Selfless – 1

Compassion from Pain

She learned to say “I love you”
When she went to say goodbye,
And taught herself to smile
Even with no reason why.
She could not find a light source
In the dark and cold of earth,
So she became a candle,
Warming others with her mirth.
She could not heal her own heart,
It was far beyond that hope.
She could not reach a lifeline,
So she chose to be a rope
For others to take hold of,
Pulling at her strength to rise.
You never see her heartache
Past the love that fills her eyes.

– s. Clark

Two Who Led

There were two who led.
One was spit and fire
His strength was in his voice,
His will was soft.
One was standing stone
His strength was in his will,
His voice was soft.
And both thought their way better.
The first shouted, “Follow me!”
And waved his banner from the hilltop,
While the other bowed his head,
Hoisted his pack to his shoulder, and walked,
Trailing masses in his wake.

– s. Clark

You Cannot Hurt Me.

You cannot hurt me.
I have been so deeply burned,
that I am flame.
I have drowned so deep in tears,
I am the ocean.
Such a void has swept my soul,
I am the black of space.
I have fallen from the clouds
and shattered all my bones to shards,
and bled out on the sun-bleached stone, |
vacant eyes wide, reflecting
buzzards picking at my bloody pieces.
And I have stood up, and walked on.
I have been cast from heights much greater
and plunged to depths far deeper
than you could ever reach in me.
You cannot hurt me.

– s. Clark

The Tower Strong

“I am the tower strong,” she said,
“Though I may crack and wear.
I will not bend beneath the dread,
Or sway with pounding air.
I do not fear the night that falls
Nor sun that heats my skin,
For I am made of stronger walls
And tougher still within.
Shame cannot bow my weary crown,
Pride cannot break the stone.
No force of will can bring me down–
I do not stand alone.”

– s. Clark

Theme Week: Nature Personified – 2

The Oak and the Willow

The Willow grew, first up, then down
And hung her head in sadness
Her arms allowed no sunlight in,
Shut out potential gladness.
But she sent roots into the earth
To reach the cleansing water,
For if you can’t be glad, be deep,
That is what life had taught her.

The Oak grew strong, and wide, and high,
He stretched his limbs out, dreaming
Of sky, and growth, and summer days
Beneath the sunlight, gleaming.
His branches sheltered picnic meals
And children at their games,
He caught their frisbees, gave them shade,
And learned all of their names.

The Oak reached for the Willow’s arms
To lift her sorrowed spirit,
He whispered word of love and light,
And prayed that she could hear it.
The Willow feared to bare her face,
But sent her roots beneath him.
For though her arms were weak and frail,
Perhaps her soul could reach him.

At last he reached so far, that when
A courage-wind came sweeping,
Her arms rose up to twist with his
And ended all her weeping.
She taught him how to dig down deep
And draw from hidden streams.
And, leaning on each other’s strength,
They grew to reach their dreams.

– s. Clark

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