Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"



The Storm

The Storm

The Ancient War (Rain in Korea)

The boom, the charging call,
And forth the water droplets go!
To wage war with their ancient foe
The Earth, to which they fall

A crash, the crack of light,
Their ally leaves but ash around
As, speeding passed, he smotes the ground
With streaks of burning might

But Lightening flees as fast
And leaves the Rain to wage her war,
As endless hordes of soldiers pour,
Each fighting to the last

The Rain remembers when,
Just once, she beat the prideful stones,
And swallowed up Earth’s battered bones
To cleanse the race of men

And since, she cannot yield.
The Rain will rest when she has won,
And only retreats from the Sun
To storm another field

– s. Clark

Girl. With open arms spread, free
Dancing through the fields, and singing,
With her joyful spirit winging,
Sunlit melody

Laughing, in the drenching sun
Clear, crisp wind is gently lifting
Up she flies, and still her sifting
Song has just begun

Darkness. And the thunder crashes
Rain pours, and the dancer, crying,
Through the storm cloud still is flying
As the lightening thrashes

Storms see not, and have no eyes
Their own sound with boom and breaking
Takes no heed of music-making
Or the girl who cries

– s. Clark

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