Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"




A little color for you guys this Monday morning!


He had to fight for all he had,
And paid each costly toll.
But not for lust, or love, or life
Would he exchange his soul.

– s. Clark

I used to talk of golden hair
And eyes of crystal blue

I never pointed out these things
When speaking about you

I love tanned skin and freckles, and
Strong hands to hold for sure

I’ve never known those things in you…
But I’ve known so much more.

You may not be a model, if
I’m working just by sight

But when I see you smile, I
Am bathed in golden light

Your laughter shakes my spirit, and
Your touch can make me whole

There’s beauty in your every step
Because I see your soul

– s. Clark

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