Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"


small moments

Grateful Moment

It was I propped up
Against a tree,
And you within your hammock,
And I thought
How lucky that
We two must be,
To shelter in the shade and
Care for naught
But that we not sleep
Too late, and miss
Our dinner, or a story.
And how kind
Our God has been
To give us this.
I wish that I could keep that
In my mind.

– s. Clark

Small Moments

It was a happy moment stooping low,
but only stopping by to say hello.
He asked that it step in to break its bread
or even stay the night. It shook its head,
explaining that it must be off once more
to stop in at some other person’s door,
and was regretful that it could not stay,
but he was kindly to it on its way,
So that when passing by his way again,
it might see fit to stay awhile then.

– s. Clark

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