Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"




He’s tired. But not for lack of sleep,
For lack of living.
For lack of care worth giving.
He runs on broken dreams.
He’s hollow. And though his thoughts are deep,
His words are shallow.
He daily wakes to hallow
All of life’s twisted schemes.
He’s tired. But not for lack of sleep,
From all the running.
The search for something stunning,
For anything that gleams.

– s. Clark


I asked him, aren’t you tired?
And he said he hated sleep
Because he simply couldn’t bear
To see the the day depart
The time will pass us either way,
I asked that he recall,
The moon is done, and with the sun,
A brand new day will start.

I should have known him better,
And of course I know he knows,
Time marches on and waits for none
To kindly step away,
But even facing battle
In a war that he must lose,
He isn’t one to bow to things
So common as a day.

– s. Clark

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