Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"



Theme Week: Nature Personified – 2

The Oak and the Willow

The Willow grew, first up, then down
And hung her head in sadness
Her arms allowed no sunlight in,
Shut out potential gladness.
But she sent roots into the earth
To reach the cleansing water,
For if you can’t be glad, be deep,
That is what life had taught her.

The Oak grew strong, and wide, and high,
He stretched his limbs out, dreaming
Of sky, and growth, and summer days
Beneath the sunlight, gleaming.
His branches sheltered picnic meals
And children at their games,
He caught their frisbees, gave them shade,
And learned all of their names.

The Oak reached for the Willow’s arms
To lift her sorrowed spirit,
He whispered word of love and light,
And prayed that she could hear it.
The Willow feared to bare her face,
But sent her roots beneath him.
For though her arms were weak and frail,
Perhaps her soul could reach him.

At last he reached so far, that when
A courage-wind came sweeping,
Her arms rose up to twist with his
And ended all her weeping.
She taught him how to dig down deep
And draw from hidden streams.
And, leaning on each other’s strength,
They grew to reach their dreams.

– s. Clark


I won’t spread all my scars
Across your soul,
Like a catchy tune
I’m hoping you will dance to.
I thought I was a catch
When I was whole,
Now I am only caught,
And will not trap you too
Inside this mess of mud
That was my mind,
Once fertile fields,
Now memories have flooded
And drown out the careful seeds
That made me kind.
And in their wake,
I fear I’m left cold-blooded.
It’s not your cup to drink,
Your cross to bear.
You have no ties to me,
So I refuse to bind you.
I will tie no one to my side
To keep them there.
I’ll drown alone.
I don’t expect to find you.

– s. Clark


He was a quake who knew not how
To slow his rough advance
And she was snow, but in his arms
Became an avalanche.

– s. Clark

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