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Featured Reader!

Gah, it’s late in the day, but I simply couldn’t miss this #FeaturedReaderFriday! Not when there’s a chance to shout-out to the fabulous Bonita!
So glad you’re enjoying the book, lovely lady. I hope you are reminded of all the ways you’re beautiful. 😊

If you want your own copy of The Beauty of People, you can get it at ‘Tis only $7.99! I know, for a whole book. Cray.


Stained with Dreams

Stained with Dreams.png

In Endless Pursuit of Poetry

Though I swift and endless write,
I will never find the time,
I will never have the breath
To exhale my endless thoughts
To assuage my searching mind,
And will come at last to death
Scrawling madly still. Be caught
Startled to have lost the light.

– s. Clark

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