Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"



A Wasted Day

A Wasted Day


The extroverted soul knows not
The quiet contemplation
That flows like fresh air through the mind,
Gives rancor ventilation.
It cannot know the calming tilt
Of stillness in the spirit.
The silent song that nature sings,
The tranquil souls can hear it.
We mark the passing of the leaves,
And grandeur of the ocean,
Breathe deep the scent of all the earth,
And bathe in its emotion.
Our raucous moments bring us joy,
And what is life without them?
But those who who heed their peaceful thoughts
Know we are lost without them.

– s. Clark

A Moment Held

I withdrew to a quiet place,
That’s all it was, just to be still,
And let the sun fall on my face,
And listen to the robin trill.
I knelt upon the silent grass
To feel the breeze brush slowly by,
To let the hour softly pass,
And watch the turning of the sky.
But there were voices at the door
To call me back into the din
And take offense, should I implore
That, just now, I would not come in,
And would be as I was before
With just a moment to hold in.

– s. Clark

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