Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"



Mourn No Longer

Mourn No Longer


She’s running,
but where? She does not know.
The wind will blow
and carry her away.
She’s swimming
the tides life sends her through.
There’s nothing she can do
to change course, or to stay.
She’s climbing,
but keeps wondering why.
She doesn’t need the high,
she always hated heights.
She battles,
so fiercely, in a war
she never signed up for.
She’s crying as she fights.

– s. Clark

Theme Week: Path and Purpose – 3

Disillusioned Dreamer

It was a right of passage, so he said,
To reach a point of disillusionment
Where you awaken to a sense of dread,
Setting aside your inner innocent.
There was a madness in the sense he made,
A sadness in my knowing his words true,
That every soul who walks with me has paid
The stiff price of admission that is due.
That is, to look upon our cherished lives
And find them not so bright as they once seemed.
The hollow fact that each of us survives
On table scraps of all that we have dreamed.
I do not know if all the striving ends
In finding that our hopes were worth the fight,
Or if eventually, conviction bends
For each of us, until we yield our light.
But surely, either way, that does not change
The fact that we should struggle for the goal
Of what we crave to be, and in exchange,
Success or loss, we keep our spirits whole.

– s. Clark

Theme Week: Path and Purpose – 2

Motion-Sensor Light

He is a motion-sensor light,
Often unused and rusted,
Who only shines upon your steps,
And lights the way, when trusted.
The light begins when you get up,
And stays with you while moving,
Blinking to life to set each step,
So brilliant, soft, and soothing.
But you will only have that step,
No long and winding roadway.
And you’ll be tempted, as you walk,
To turn and choose your own way,
But there is only darkness there.
Though His way may be clouded,
You have to take the step of faith
Even when sight is shrouded.
So you may never know your path,
But He will walk beside you.
Your way will never go unlit
If you will let Him guide you.

– s. Clark

Theme Week: Path and Purpose – 1

The Cure

Teach me the lullaby
for a heart that dreams too greatly.
Teach me to sing passion to sleep
and soothe the thirst which so innately
vexes me. There must be some way
to calm the aching,
to distract the fervent mind,
and coax the spirit into breaking.
Write me a prescription
for reality, and insist that I take
my daily dose. Inject me with vaccines
of harsh fact. Ensure I stay awake.
Surely you know, you must,
so stable in your comfort, so secure
in your routine, ordinary life…
Yes, you must know the cure.

– s. Clark


You stand not in these hallowed halls
To slink through shadows, worn and thin
To be encaged by worry’s walls
And chained by driven doubts within.
It burns inside, a knowledge-flame
That blazes through denying word,
Declaring you are not the same,
And breaks the bonds of hope deterred.
This churning, searching for a door,
Out of restraints named flaws and age,
Rise up! You know you’re meant for more!
Your soul can’t hold within this cage
Your wings will break, your voice will die
Should you not rise beyond these chains
And soar to join the burning sky
To lift your life-song unrestrained
To strife! To danger is your call!
To whirling power of this flight!
You stand not in these hallowed halls
To fade to shadow, veiled from sight

– s. Clark

I Am small

I am small
and just want to believe
small things can mark the world
despite themselves. So please,
don’t’ tell me I am small.
I know it all too well,
but if It turns out I can lead
one sweet soul from the fell
grasp of despair, I will have won,
I will have won it all.
Do not give me my limits, for
I know that I am small.

– s. Clark

Drifting (The Life I Chose)

This is the life I chose
While waiting for life to begin.
And there are always those
Who tell us only now is when
We live. So why do I still wait
For it, for everything, to start?
Hearing my voice reverberate
Within a hollowed heart
Still waiting to be filled.
And all my dreams still there,
Out to be caught or killed.
Then twist-and-pinning up my hair,
I ready for existence now
That passes time, awhile I wait,
The captain standing at her bow.
I work, and set my course to fate.
Unsteering search for land,
Blown to-and-fro nowhere,
The wheel has yet no able hand
To guide, I would need to know where
I head. So I survey the sea
And wonder where this ocean goes
I do not know what life should be
This is the life I chose.

– s. Clark

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