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"Let the battered heart rejoice"



Theme prompt?

Hello my dears!
What would you like to see for this week’s theme? Comment below!

Hello my dears! What do you want to see for our Theme this upcoming week?

It can be anything, as simple as “water”, as specific and abstract as “the way time goes slower when you want it to speed passed and faster when you want it to stop”, or even a story. Let me know what you want to read!

Introducing Theme Weeks!

My dears,
In appreciation and celebration of receiving you lovely people as followers, and as a challenge to learn to better push through writer’s block, I am going to start a weekly poetry exercise in which I will pick a theme and attempt to write a poem to fit that theme each weekday. This challenge will thusly kick off on Mondays and culminate on Fridays. Here’s what I ask from you!

– If you have any suggestions for a theme you’d like to see explored, submit it to me on my Facebook page or in the comments on my weekly Theme Announcements, and I will do my best!
– Feel free to write a piece to match the theme! Tag it under PoeticutteringsThemes or submit it on my Facebook page, and I will pick and repost my favorites. I would love to see your poetry, short stories, or whatever comes to mind!

As a teaser for what’s coming up this week, the theme will be Fairy Tales Retold, and the title of my first submission is “Neverland”.

As always, if you have any prompts, questions, or just want to say hi, feel free to message me. Take care!

– s. Clark

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