Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"



Look Back

Happy New Year, everyone! May 2018 be your best year yet!

Look Back


I tremble
Because I know I treat You
As a spoiled child
Treats a doting uncle.
Demanding, yet aloof,
Loving when it suits me.
When I should treat You
As a marching ant
Treats a roaring thunderstorm,
Fearful and in awe,
Hoping just for mercy.
I tremble
Because I know You to be God,
But speak with such
Flippant expectation,
Ordering accountability, to me.
When I should speak with
Reverent supplication,
Offering accountability, to You.
I am a minnow
Screaming at the Ocean
Insisting it make itself solid
So that I might walk over it
Neglecting all sense, order,
And knowledge of the way I have been formed.
Oh, I tremble.

– s. Clark


I asked him, aren’t you tired?
And he said he hated sleep
Because he simply couldn’t bear
To see the the day depart
The time will pass us either way,
I asked that he recall,
The moon is done, and with the sun,
A brand new day will start.

I should have known him better,
And of course I know he knows,
Time marches on and waits for none
To kindly step away,
But even facing battle
In a war that he must lose,
He isn’t one to bow to things
So common as a day.

– s. Clark


Muddy mire, sucking sand
Muck that pulls and swallows whole
Garbage clutched within the hand
Hoarded as a jeweled treasure
By imaginary measure
Leeching on a soul

Troubled trickster, smiling pain,
Dancing in his ignorance
Thinks he dances in the rain
But the blissful fool will drown
Washed away, the twisted clown
Never had a chance

Break his will before he burns
Everything that he holds dear
How is it he never learns?
Fire scars the more you hold,
Clay breaks if it will not mold
Clutch submission near

– s. Clark

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