Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"



A Year’s Harvest

Happy New Year!

Excited to move forward with you into this misty space of unknown time. I can feel it like a tingle in the air… adventure awaits. Proud of all we have done, believing for all we will do!

Failure’s Ghost -remastered


I am a walking wreck.
Tangled mass of all my hopes and fears,
Collided with what should have been
The yawning road of all your years
Stacked so suddenly
In one, constricted space,
I thought life was a journey,
But I learned it was a race
To pack all of our time
Into the trunk I call my memories
Becoming baggage now,
A whole bright life, compacts to history.
In caring, I am crashed.
My fuel that always was my love for you,
Combustible, exploded on impact,
And left me burnt.
Oh God…what do I do?

– s. Clark

Forgotten Poetry

At times I have forgot
The true splendor of poetry
That rides upon a crystal sea
And sings a silent melody,
It grips with potent mastery
The heart itself has wrought

I fear I have dismissed
Its sonorous and blissful call
That cries from unassuming scrawl
Its magic to engage, enthrall
May cause a soul to rise or fall
As it is gently kissed

– s. Clark

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