Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"



I Did Not Play Guitar

I Did Not Play Guitar

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A Glimpse

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Music in my Ear

Music in my Ears

Your Songs

Your Songs

Strung Out

He strung her heart all out
And plucked it like a harp
He tried to soothe her strings,
But played the notes too sharp.

– s. Clark

Touch of Harmony

Just a touch of harmony,
A river through my skin!
I feel it like the swelling sea,
Cascading from my soul.
A rushing, thrushing waterfall,
My spirit drinks it in!
It breaks the bittered cynic wall,
It surges to console.

Like color bursting in the mind,
That flows in painted streams
And twists to blend, their hues entwined,
Mosaic mix of light!
Oh what intoxicating voice
That sizzles in my seams,
That lets the battered heart rejoice
Like stars within the night!

– s. Clark

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