Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"



Morning in Bolzano

Morning in Bolzano

Theme Week: Adventure – 1

Give Me the Hills

Give me the hills where the giants are!
Give me the river that rages
Send me to reach for the furthest star,
Upon the road that extends too far
Don’t leave me to my cages

Give me the battle that can’t be won
Give me a fire still burning!
Tell me the course that I cannot run
The place where others have come undone,
Help me to fill this yearning

Send me to fight in the hopeless war
To shatter unbreakable chains
Send me when others can fight no more
To storm the deepest and darkest shore
Choose me, and I will not wane

I will stay true when all others fade
I will stand, bold and defiant
Only through pain are warriors made,
Yet I will still seek the endless raid,
Give me the hills with the giants!

– s. Clark

The Mountains Are Calling

The mountains are calling, and so I must go
To fall with the leaves in the foresight of snow
To slip through the trees in the quiet of dusk,
The mountains are calling, I must go, I must.

The mountains are calling, and so I must fly
To rise on the stairway that reaches the sky
To tread on the clouds, or as near as I may,
The mountains are calling, and I must away

– s. Clark

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