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Loving Yourself

Theme Week: Loving Yourself – 3


I am writing you this letter,
Though I don’t know who you are,
Faceless souls within the void, each
Bright and distant as a star.
Are you withdrawn, shy and secret?
Are you quick, and loud, and wild?
Are you fierce as rolling thunder?
Are you tender as a child?
I don’t know your fears or freckles,
Brilliant shades of eyes and skin.
Are you carved of solid muscle?
Are you soft outside and in?
Though I would not recognize you
Walking by me on the street,
Though we may go our whole lives and
Never have the chance to meet,
I know you have dreams and passions
Pulling you to reach for more.
I know you have wounds and heartbreaks
That have struck you to the core.
These things we all share among us,
We all hold these common threads,
Though we vary so acutely
In the paths we choose to tread.
So I say, with much conviction,
You are worth such love and care.
You have passed the test of value,
Just by simply being there.
You are beautiful and mighty,
Though you feel so very small.
And I know that you are crucial,
Though I know you not at all.

– s. Clark

Theme Week: Loving Yourself – 2


It does not do to dwell on the ugly,
Though we all surely have it within,
The grime that we all feel inside us,
All the scars strewn out over our skin
But, you know, there must also be beauty,
Though you say that you only see dirt,
There is music and magic and moonlight
Where you feel only anger and hurt.
And I know that you look at yourself, dear,
Finding nothing worthwhile to prize,
But I have a vast secret to tell you,
If you manage to block out the lies
If I lean very close, and I whisper,
Will you heed my small voice in your ear?
If I promise to keep my words gentle,
Can you open your soul up to hear?
If I told you your heart was a treasure,
And how worthless you feel, a façade,
For the price to win your love and beauty
Was the blood and the breathe of a God
Because long before you saw the ugly,
Knew yourself deep enough to feel guilt
There were galaxies raised to enchant you,
And his love is what ordered them built.
If I told you that you are so precious
There has been a decree by the king,
That for you there be sunshine and oceans,
And flowers sent to you in spring.
You are made up of stardust, eternal,
You are stunning and strong as the earth.
Please know, when you feel unimportant,
Not a soul here can measure your worth.

– s. Clark

Theme Week: Loving Yourself – 1

Stranger in the Mirror

Who is this woman, this stranger I see?
She stands in the place where I’d usually be.
This glass must be broken, this image is strange
It almost looks like me, but subtly changed.
It’s not quite the face, or the hair, or the style;
A bitter-sweet tilt has crept into her smile.
She has all my features, my lighthearted air,
But something is missing, and something is there.
I once knew a woman who shared the same face,
And she used to stand in that very same space.
But, back then she was still a child, and now
Her soul, though its salted, is better somehow.
With a gleam in her eye, and strength in her stand
A powerful will, and a dream in her hand.
She no longer looks to be scared, or unsure,
Expressions I had often seen there before.
Maybe she’s missing the twinkle that came
With an untroubled heart she can no longer claim.
But though I may miss her, it doesn’t appear
That this one is lacking what made her so dear.
She still has my eyes, which shine hopeful and true,
And she still seems to have some more growing to do.
But now, she seems like she could conquer the world,
This woman who no longer looks like a girl.

– s. Clark

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