Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"


lost innocence

Theme Week: Innocence – 3


Tiny, lilting bird
kept in a cage of ribs
She fed it on dreams
and sang it love songs
And when he came,
it fluttered in her belly
and pecked at her heart,
so that it was pierced
and ached so much
she could not stand it.
And so she offered him
the fragile, winged creature
and, unknowing how to free it,
he reached into her chest,
cracked open her ribs,
and tore it from her soul.
She gave it willingly, carelessly,
to clumsy fingers
that squeezed too tight
and broke its wings,
when she had always hoped
that it would fly.

– s. Clark


He was a quake who knew not how
To slow his rough advance
And she was snow, but in his arms
Became an avalanche.

– s. Clark

Missing Person

Have you seen a little girl?
I left her here, some time ago
She said that she would meet me here
But I fear it no longer so

Have you seen the girl I left?
I have been searching for her smile
I promised I would come for her,
But I’ve been gone a long, long while

I don’t know how to return,
To find her after all I’ve done…
I have sought through the dead, cold woods
Through corners where she may have gone

I have searched my twisted heart
And scoured through its darkened grime
But she no longer knows my voice…
I fear her lost for all of time

If you find the girl I knew,
Tell her of my remorse and pain
Tell her I’m here within the woods,
Waiting for her to come again

– s. Clark

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