Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"





Basic Math

Basic Math



The Lines That Mark Us

Remember, it is not the wrinkles that matter, but the way we live to make them.

The Lines That Mark Us


Theme Week: Heroes – 3


We Forget

We Forget

Choice of Focus

Her life
Has been one full of warm embraces
Friendly faces
Untied shoe laces
Dragging through the dirt.
Her time
Has been spent in merry-making
Grateful resting, groggy waking
Reckless risk-taking
So much beyond her hurt.

– s. Clark


This world, it is so very short.
This lifespan is so small.
And soon, so soon, I come to Him,
And pass beyond it all.
The hurts and pains are weak refrains
Against His singing call,
Just spider-strands against His hands
That reach beyond it all.
This life is just a shooting star,
So do not fear the fall.
I blaze, I burn. His arms await,
His love, beyond it all.

– s. Clark


What a marvelous mosaic of stories we make.
You must look at the weave of us
And wonder at the artistry of Your work,
The way we intertwine and move among,
Perhaps never knowing.
Perhaps never touching,
But all our varying shades,
The balance of light and shadow in our fibers,
Make us such a perfect painting.
And maybe that is why we feel so ugly,
Zoomed in so closely as we are,
Microscopic. Seeing the speck of grayish blue,
And not the rolling sea beneath a storm.
Seeing the sickly slice of red,
And not the booming meadow of sunset.
Perhaps we threads would not feel so lonely,
So starkly different, so bent and tangled,
So lost within the maze,
If, rather than solitary, twisting twine,
We saw the tapestry.

– s. Clark

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