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Deep Calls to Deep

Today’s poem: Deep Calls to Deep

In tribute to Jill PhillipsAndy Gullahorn, and most especially to Andrew Peterson, whose songs call to God’s Spirit in people and the world in a way that I do not yet have words powerful enough to adequately extol. This poem has been brewing in my heart for a while, but after attending The Local Show the other day, and getting spiked through several times by the truth in their music, I just wanted to do something to say thank you.

So, though words are not enough, thank you.
Deep Calls to Deep

Faces Known



Ahhh, the song of a story
The swell of the spirit in the words
How they reach out to catch you,
Soul to soul, a life transferred
Ah, the sweet reunion
As though kindred souls reunite
Returning to abandoned truth
The beauty, the wonder, the light!

– s. Clark

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