Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"



Sending You a Hug

I’m sending you a hug from here,
Across the vast expanse,
In case you’re needing some support
To face your circumstance.
I want to say, “You’re not alone.”
I hope you hear my voice.
It can be hard to carry on,
But let that be your choice.
And when you feel you’re left unloved,
Pick my hug from the air,
It’s sent for you to hold onto,
To let you know I care.
And if you need a helping hand
Or friend to see you through,
Please know that you can come to me,
And I am here for you.
This world is rife with hurt, I know,
With lonely tears and fear,
But also love and laughter, and
I’m hugging you from here.

– s. Clark

Miss You to Death

I miss you
In the way the chest spasms
And lungs constrict in flailing gulps
When the body has gone
Too long without air.

I miss you
In the way the throat burns
With raw and cracking, gasping thirst
When the breath inhaled
Sweeps a desert within.

I miss you
In the way tourniquets twist
To cut off circulation, numbing
If only it will cease
The hemorrhaging torrent.

I miss you
In the way muscles fail
Mountains of cold, dead flesh
Weighing down until
It cannot raise itself.

I miss you
In a base, grasping need
Aching deeply in my core
Straining at my ribs
I miss you to death.

– s. Clark


Stand up your shattered bones
And tell them they must walk.
Reweave your stolen vocal cords,
And learn once more to talk.
Instruct your greying eyes,
“See beauty once again”
Reach out your hand to halt the sun
And wipe away the rain.
Insist that winter cease
And bring at once the spring,
Banish the night with its fell chill,
Command the birds to sing.
I know you want to heal,
You’re only at the start.
And as with all good things on earth,
You cannot rush the heart.

– s. Clark

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