Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"



One Day Soon, remastered

One Day Soon remastered


This world, it is so very short.
This lifespan is so small.
And soon, so soon, I come to Him,
And pass beyond it all.
The hurts and pains are weak refrains
Against His singing call,
Just spider-strands against His hands
That reach beyond it all.
This life is just a shooting star,
So do not fear the fall.
I blaze, I burn. His arms await,
His love, beyond it all.

– s. Clark


We’re looking for a better home
With justice built into its stones
And floorboards laid of love and grace
With joy on each familiar face

We’re waiting for the coming dawn
Where strength and kindness carry on
While fear and cruelty melt away
Against the fiery warmth of day

We’re waiting, it is in our souls,
We know that we are not yet whole
But our ripped halves will be complete
Within the world we wait to meet

– s. Clark

One Day Soon

One day soon

The darkness will have had its time,
And in one fell and joyous tear,
Love’s hand will lift us from the grime.
The hurt that we know now will cease,
The scars and stains of earthen wear,
Will be at once replaced with peace.

The corporate failure of the fall,
The underlying fear and shame,
The deep injustice known to all,
Will slip away from soul and thought,
As each of us is called by name
To Him for whom we each were bought.

The ties of bitterness and grief
Will suddenly be cloven down,
And spirits soaring in relief
Will fly, all rising for the stars.
And each of us will bow to crown
The One who knows and cleansed our scars.

One day soon.

– s. Clark

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