Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"



Your Songs

Your Songs

I Wear Your Shoes

I saw this poem by e. e. cummings, and it really echoed the feeling of my poem today. So I present both to you.

I wore your shoes today.
To carry you with me.
In all the words I say,
In everything I see.
Your spirit comes along
In every step I take,
You help me to be strong
In every choice I make.
So I will love, and pray,
And be who you would be.
I wore your shoes today,
To carry you with me.

             s. Clark

I Carry Your Heart

Between the Lines

I have been doing well
(Come back, come back)
Life shudders, and goes on
(Come back, come back)
For time must heal all wounds
(Don’t go, don’t go)
And night stretches to dawn
(Come back, come back)
There is a rhythm now
(Come back. Come back.)
That beats beneath my feet
(Come back. Come back.)
It echoes like a drum,
(Don’t. Go. Don’t. Go.)
My heart synched to its beat
(Come back. Come back.)
So everything is fine
(Come back, come back)
All heartaches disappear
(Come back, come back)
And only leave behind
(Don’t go, don’t go)
The rhythm you don’t hear.

– s. Clark

Losing You

I am terrified
To lose the image of your face,
That only heartache will replace
Its contours in my mind.
I am raw with pain,
And reaching for your fading shape,
Praying that it will not escape
The fragile, fickle bind
That is memory.
Is there nothing cannot be lost?
Have I not paid whatever cost
Was set for loving you?
Please leave something here,
Some happy shred of who you were,
One thought to which I can refer
For all the love we knew.

– s. Clark

Already Broken

You cannot break me.
I’ve already been broken.
For, once, I loved.
So deeply
that the depth cannot be spoken.
And now I am unbreakable
For I’m already broken.

– s. Clark


It is a risky chance you take,
To love someone with all your heart.
You hand them tools to cut you down,
You gamble from the very start.
You chance the screaming, crushing pain,
You risk that they will not depart.

– s. Clark


I dreamt of you last night.
I dreamt you called my name,
And I reached and I reached
Into the void, for centuries
Reached until my fingers pulled and thinned,
Bones cracking, popping out of joint.
And still I reached on,
Ligaments stretching, muscles tearing,
Ribs ripping and separating.
I tore myself apart, spread out into the black
And never, never reached you.

– s. Clark

Missile Launch

One flick of a finger
Launched a missile
That blew us all to hell.
Critical implosion
At the center of our souls
Left a crater in our lives.
Collateral damage beyond calculation,
Fires of fear scattered throughout
The shrapnel of our dreams.
Standing amidst such
Mutually assured destruction,
We have no water and no tools
To put out each other’s fires,
Or rebuild each other’s hearts.
Too busy preserving
What little we have left standing.
The damage you’ve dealt
Is world-shattering.
How could you pull the trigger?

– s. Clark


I will learn to take the pain
And place it on a shelf.
I will pretend so long, so well
that I convince myself.

– s. Clark

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