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One Name

One Name

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Strung Out

He strung her heart all out
And plucked it like a harp
He tried to soothe her strings,
But played the notes too sharp.

– s. Clark

Theme Week: Impressions – 2

PtC (Lungs)

If he was my sunshine, then you are my moonlight
Lighting my way through the night
As you gleam.
You are what kept me from plunging to darkness
When the sun fell from the sky
With a scream.
If he was my song, then you are the music,
Playing on still, even though
I don’t sing.
The song left my lips, but I go on dancing,
Grateful that I can still hear
You are the spine board that keeps me from breaking.
You are shock therapy
Deep in my brain.
You are the breath that lets me keep on living.
I’ve lost my heart,
But my lungs still remain.

– s. Clark

Unwitting Heart

Excuse my heart, it did not know
The way this world is bound to go.
My mind accepts so seamlessly
The way that everything must be,
That life must end, and love depart.
But not so my unwitting heart.
It cannot grasp the separate place,
The void of loss, the empty space.
It cannot seize the steady strand
Of logic’s cool and calloused hand.
To plan, predict, and calculate,
To reason out the touch of fate,
These are the mind’s dutiful art.
Forgive my unexpectant heart.

– s. Clark

Touch of Harmony

Just a touch of harmony,
A river through my skin!
I feel it like the swelling sea,
Cascading from my soul.
A rushing, thrushing waterfall,
My spirit drinks it in!
It breaks the bittered cynic wall,
It surges to console.

Like color bursting in the mind,
That flows in painted streams
And twists to blend, their hues entwined,
Mosaic mix of light!
Oh what intoxicating voice
That sizzles in my seams,
That lets the battered heart rejoice
Like stars within the night!

– s. Clark

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