Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"



Music in my Ear

Music in my Ears


I forget, I am innately broken.
We are fissured, fractured from the start.
Loving us in depth that can’t be spoken,
You reached out to heal our broken hearts.
But the world around is rent as ever,
And will catch us on its jagged ends,
Am I such a fool that I should never
Reach to find that healing touch again?
Maybe we should not fear to be fractured,
Each day seeking shelter from the harm.
Maybe that’s what keeps our hearts enraptured,
Daily falling on Your steady arms.
Why is it I go so long unaided,
Breaking down, clutching my precious pride?
Help my fickle spirit be persuaded,
Visits won’t suffice, I must abide.

– s. Clark

Theme Week: Spring and New Growth – 2


We all must face the winter
Cutting cold into our lives,
At some point we all stand against the storm.
We sink in sorrow’s icy depths
And pray that we survive,
Forgetting how it once felt to be warm.
At times we may freeze over,
Numbing fire from our blood,
Blunting mind and limb with shards of fear,
And some of us have laid ourselves
Beneath the snowy flood,
And never thought the avalanche would clear.
But winter is a season,
It comes only for a while,
Though we bear scars forever to explain.
The light will always follow,
And we learn again to smile,
And flowers of compassion grow from pain.
Leaves of peace will bloom upon
The forest of our grief,
The robin will return again to sing.
Though winter seems eternal,
Do not give it your belief.
Our hearts will always come again to spring.

– s. Clark

“Healing Process”

Every day she wakes
And sews her shredded soul
Stitching seams
With threaded dreams,
Pretending she is whole.

As the day goes on
They loosen and untie,
She’ll cinch and bind
Them with her mind.
And smile. Sunlit lie.

They never hold for long,
The pain bleeds through bands.
She’ll cover it
With will and wit
For all the time she can.

The threads can’t stand the strain,
She heads for home, and then
They snap, and spill.
One night until
She’ll start it all again.

– s. Clark


Stand up your shattered bones
And tell them they must walk.
Reweave your stolen vocal cords,
And learn once more to talk.
Instruct your greying eyes,
“See beauty once again”
Reach out your hand to halt the sun
And wipe away the rain.
Insist that winter cease
And bring at once the spring,
Banish the night with its fell chill,
Command the birds to sing.
I know you want to heal,
You’re only at the start.
And as with all good things on earth,
You cannot rush the heart.

– s. Clark

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