Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"



You Cannot Hurt Me.

You cannot hurt me.
I have been so deeply burned,
that I am flame.
I have drowned so deep in tears,
I am the ocean.
Such a void has swept my soul,
I am the black of space.
I have fallen from the clouds
and shattered all my bones to shards,
and bled out on the sun-bleached stone, |
vacant eyes wide, reflecting
buzzards picking at my bloody pieces.
And I have stood up, and walked on.
I have been cast from heights much greater
and plunged to depths far deeper
than you could ever reach in me.
You cannot hurt me.

– s. Clark

The Tower Strong

“I am the tower strong,” she said,
“Though I may crack and wear.
I will not bend beneath the dread,
Or sway with pounding air.
I do not fear the night that falls
Nor sun that heats my skin,
For I am made of stronger walls
And tougher still within.
Shame cannot bow my weary crown,
Pride cannot break the stone.
No force of will can bring me down–
I do not stand alone.”

– s. Clark


A rose needs thorns to keep it strong
Protect it from the vengeful throng
That would its beauty spiteful mar
For envy’s lust, would tear and scar.

But without all its petals soft
That hold its scarlet face aloft,
There would be naught to save and guard
But only brambles to discard.

– s. Clark

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