Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"


happy poem

Theme Week: Hunting Happiness – 1

Happy People

Happy people!
God, I love them.
Truly diamonds in the rough,
for it’s rair as summer snowfall
to have joy when life is tough.
I’ve seen too much
of frustration,
it is everywhere you turn.
To find joy within the battle
is a true challenge to learn.
I thank God
for happy people,
fresh air through the musted mind.
Those who search out
ways to smile,
are the best that you will find.

– s. Clark

Believe in You

The world is a hard, stark place, my love
Life can be a bitter brew
So when there is fear
And the darkness draws near
Love, you must believe in you

Though time and tears weigh you down, my dear,
Show confidence in all you do
For when there is change
And the stars rearrange
You must still believe in you

Remember the love of the ones you hold close,
You are never alone, it is true,
But sometimes you fall.
You will win through it all,
If you will believe in you.

– s. Clark

Day Dreaming

I called my thoughts all in
And scolded them for wand’ring so,
Knowing that I had bid them roam…
But not so far as they should go
Beyond the call of duty’s voice
Or passed what fields they meant to sew.
I asked that next time they take care…
They never listen, though.

– s. Clark

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