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"Let the battered heart rejoice"



A Year’s Harvest

Happy New Year!

Excited to move forward with you into this misty space of unknown time. I can feel it like a tingle in the air… adventure awaits. Proud of all we have done, believing for all we will do!


My friends, I know I’ve been a while. Thank you for your patience. New poems are coming. Here’s the first!


Theme Week: Nature Personified – 2

The Oak and the Willow

The Willow grew, first up, then down
And hung her head in sadness
Her arms allowed no sunlight in,
Shut out potential gladness.
But she sent roots into the earth
To reach the cleansing water,
For if you can’t be glad, be deep,
That is what life had taught her.

The Oak grew strong, and wide, and high,
He stretched his limbs out, dreaming
Of sky, and growth, and summer days
Beneath the sunlight, gleaming.
His branches sheltered picnic meals
And children at their games,
He caught their frisbees, gave them shade,
And learned all of their names.

The Oak reached for the Willow’s arms
To lift her sorrowed spirit,
He whispered word of love and light,
And prayed that she could hear it.
The Willow feared to bare her face,
But sent her roots beneath him.
For though her arms were weak and frail,
Perhaps her soul could reach him.

At last he reached so far, that when
A courage-wind came sweeping,
Her arms rose up to twist with his
And ended all her weeping.
She taught him how to dig down deep
And draw from hidden streams.
And, leaning on each other’s strength,
They grew to reach their dreams.

– s. Clark

The Reach of Man

I know the person that I am,
A creature formed of fallen grace,
With blood stained on my wrists and hands,
And shame tattooed across my face.
I know my heart, twisted and dark,
Like smoke, writhing up from the ash
Of all the bridges I’ve burnt down
And subsequently cursed for trash.
I know, far better than you could,
The depths to which my soul can sink,
The miry clay of selfishness
I daily stoop myself to drink.
I’ve been surprised at the demise
Of all the faith I swore to keep.
I’ve wrapped myself in golden cloths
Of comfort, and fallen asleep.
But there is strength set in my bones
That surges when you call my name,
And oil poured into my blood
God reaches down to set aflame.
I was designed with stars in mind,
To light my eyes and spark my soul,
To be a beacon to the world
Upon this ruined path we stroll.
There is a power to my heart,
Despite the splintered past you see.
I know the person that I am.
But it is not who I will be.

– s. Clark


This was written upon request for my new little niece, who is an adorable fluff ball of lovely! But it can be applied to all people, newly constructed or finely antiqued. Keep growing, my dears!


Grow in grace, and grow in beauty,
Grow your mercy with your might,
Rise to meet the darkness, grinning,
Never let go of the Light

Grow, and cause us all to wonder
How we lived before you came,
So we cannot help but smile
At the mention of your name.

Grow to fill the space constructed
With the blueprint of your soul
In this story God has written,
Only you can play your role.

Leave your footprints here like canyons,
Tiny though your feet may be,
May the world shake with your wisdom,
And your love stretch like the sea.

May you look back on your time here
And walk proudly as you go.
Leave us all standing astounded
At the ways that you will grow.

– s. Clark

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