Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"



Keepers of the Sky

Keepers of the Sky



Missile Launch

One flick of a finger
Launched a missile
That blew us all to hell.
Critical implosion
At the center of our souls
Left a crater in our lives.
Collateral damage beyond calculation,
Fires of fear scattered throughout
The shrapnel of our dreams.
Standing amidst such
Mutually assured destruction,
We have no water and no tools
To put out each other’s fires,
Or rebuild each other’s hearts.
Too busy preserving
What little we have left standing.
The damage you’ve dealt
Is world-shattering.
How could you pull the trigger?

– s. Clark

Happiness Conflicted

With all I learned from knowing you,
I’m happy that we met.
With all the pain of loving you,
I’m happy to forget.

– s. Clark

Fear of Healing

I fear I will forget
The sweetness of your smile
The way it lit my weary soul
And made the fissured world feel whole
If only for a while

I’ve not forgotten yet
But fear the fateful creeping
Of darkness through your bright blue eyes
Within my mind, I fear to rise
To find you lost while sleeping

I hold onto your scent,
You only left its trace,
I held you close to breathe it in
And knew the essence you have been
Where now there’s only space

I fear the slow descent
Of all my knowledge of you
The way you moved, and felt, and thought
And all the happiness you brought
And all the ways I love you

I fear I’ll lose the sound
Of how you laughed so free,
Bursting forth with stunning gladness
Bringing sense and joy to madness
Now only memory

I feel you all around
And fear to lose the feeling
They say the pain will fade in time
But I still feel your hand in mine
And I don’t want the healing

– s. Clark


I loved you like a car crash
On a road of asphalt fears
Smoking fumes of black regret
And gushing oil tears

The spark you lit inside me
Was the flame that scorched my soul
The pistons all keep pumping
But the wheels refuse to roll

The twisted, burning wreckage
Strewn across the battered ground
Will stop the flowers growing
There for years and miles around

And all the screaming sirens,
Flashing lights, and prayers for breath
Were not enough to save us,
Me from crashing, you from death

I loved you like a medic
Pressing life into your heart
But you are gone. And I remain.
Just pieces blown apart.

– s. Clark

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