Shigé Clark Writing


God love


What a marvelous mosaic of stories we make.
You must look at the weave of us
And wonder at the artistry of Your work,
The way we intertwine and move among,
Perhaps never knowing.
Perhaps never touching,
But all our varying shades,
The balance of light and shadow in our fibers,
Make us such a perfect painting.
And maybe that is why we feel so ugly,
Zoomed in so closely as we are,
Microscopic. Seeing the speck of grayish blue,
And not the rolling sea beneath a storm.
Seeing the sickly slice of red,
And not the booming meadow of sunset.
Perhaps we threads would not feel so lonely,
So starkly different, so bent and tangled,
So lost within the maze,
If, rather than solitary, twisting twine,
We saw the tapestry.

– s. Clark

From Scratch

Break me down to my pieces
You’ll find what’s inside
Are minuscule molecules
Made up of pride
But they’re cinched up with sinews
Of hope in God’s hands
Belief in His purpose
And trust in His plans
I’m a puzzle all fractured
In sharpened ice shards
But He can reform me
And doesn’t mind scars
His hands are all callused
With my heart attached,
But He sews, and He sings,
And remakes me from scratch

– s. Clark

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