Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"



Faerie Girl

Faerie Girl

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My friends, I know I’ve been a while. Thank you for your patience. New poems are coming. Here’s the first!


Whiskey in a Teacup

Her fragile beauty drew him in,
And not a piece of him was spared
For she was whiskey in a teacup,
And his heart was unprepared.

– s. Clark

Dragon Maid

A Dragon Maid must show no fear
If she would bring the dragons near.
If she would tempt that daring fate,
They must not sense her hesitate.

A Dragon Maid must not be frail
She may not stand by, meek and pale
The dragon rules the sprawling skies,
He must see fire in her eyes.

A Dragon Maid is strong as steel,
For she was made to fight and feel
And cannot falter under pain
She only grows through heat and strain.

A Dragon Maid cannot grow cold
Her life is lived of passion bold
Her heart must always burst with flame
Just as the dragons she would tame.

– s. Clark


You are the light that bursts through the clouds
Of a dreary, dull, gray day
The rose petal in a shifting pile of ashes
The soft blanket that guards against the chill of night
Green, speckled eyes, with a gentle, soothing scrutiny
Full of wisdom, far-reaching and calm,
Like the ocean reflecting the glimmering glory of the sun
A listening ear, a ready smile, a beautiful mind
With love for life that forbids denial
Gorgeous, witty, gleeful, and sure
Dear, dear girl, keep walking
The world is being shaped around your feet.

– s. Clark

The Coffee Cup/Girl

Picked, and plucked.
So quickly loved.
Filled, and made warm,
All goodness, and flavor,
Sweetness, and energy
Capped off, contained
For your enjoyment
Carried, cradled,
Portable, I’ll go with you.
Held in warm hands,
Enjoyed, appreciated.
Slowly emptied,
Slowly colder,
Until nothing is left
But emptiness,
And clinging drips
Of what once was.
Fills you up,
Makes you happy,
Helps you move.
Done now,
Another later,
When you need it.
The hollow shell,
Used up,
Is discarded.

– s. Clark

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