Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"



Good Gifts

Yes, it’s true. I don’t deserve it,
Not a good thing that exists.
But, somehow, my God who loves me,
In His kindness still persists.
Still He presses forth, so faithful,
Rotten though my heart may be,
Loving me beyond my failures,
Giving such good gifts to me.
Have I earned my  life and wellness?
Or deserve such time and care
From the people who surround me,
And the God who put them there?
Though He owes me nothing, truly,
I have learned His gifts come free,
For the goodness of the Savior
Has nothing to do with me.

– s. Clark

I Love…

The bliss and warmth of sun
The sheer ability to run
And none can say
A brightly colored day
Or pounding wind does not delight.
The thrill of sight!
The whisper of the rain,
Even the bite or burn of pain
In exercise,
It satisfies.
And lovely things to eat and drink.
The gift to think!
And learn, each moment new
The value of a friend who’s true
A warm embrace,
And snowflakes on my face
The joy that comes when you can give
To simply live.

– s. Clark

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