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"Let the battered heart rejoice"



Try Everyone Once

A refurbished re-run of an old favorite!

Try Everyone Once

Sending You a Hug

I’m sending you a hug from here,
Across the vast expanse,
In case you’re needing some support
To face your circumstance.
I want to say, “You’re not alone.”
I hope you hear my voice.
It can be hard to carry on,
But let that be your choice.
And when you feel you’re left unloved,
Pick my hug from the air,
It’s sent for you to hold onto,
To let you know I care.
And if you need a helping hand
Or friend to see you through,
Please know that you can come to me,
And I am here for you.
This world is rife with hurt, I know,
With lonely tears and fear,
But also love and laughter, and
I’m hugging you from here.

– s. Clark

Kindred Souls

How wonderful and rare it is
In this odd and untidy earth
To find a soul akin to yours,
That understands your wild mirth

How wonderful and rare as well,
And tragic as the winter rain
To find a soul that also shares
The hollow echo of your pain

– s. Clark

You Were There

You have been there. The fight has grown so long,
I have lost count of all my battles fought.
My blade is bloodied, and my flesh is torn.
This war that we call life has made me strong,
and each success has been so dearly bought
beneath the weight of struggle and of scorn.

Though there are many crowded at the line
to watch me win the race, you shared the road.
So in the times I fell and lost my heart,
or knelt with broken knees and twisted spine,
you reached to raise me, shouldering my load.
You walked the weary wasteland from the start.

And there are always those who claim the win,
who show up for the trophies made of gold,
but you have been there for the grueling climb.
You offered faithful words and cheering grin
through all the pain, the tears, the biting cold,
through hateful words that rained like acid slime.

So let them come and boast with puffing chests,
and let them list me in their accolades.
The straws they grasp are empty as the air.
For in the times the haggard line was pressed,
I found you at my shoulder in the glade.
Through hell, with all its heartache, you were there.

– s. Clark

Theme Week: Impressions – 3

KwC (Kite String)

He is my steady kite string,
Keeps me tethered to the earth.
Winds of sorrow or of mirth
Cannot pull me from his grip.
He will never let me slip,
But would never clip my wings.

– s. Clark

Theme Week: Impressions – 2

PtC (Lungs)

If he was my sunshine, then you are my moonlight
Lighting my way through the night
As you gleam.
You are what kept me from plunging to darkness
When the sun fell from the sky
With a scream.
If he was my song, then you are the music,
Playing on still, even though
I don’t sing.
The song left my lips, but I go on dancing,
Grateful that I can still hear
You are the spine board that keeps me from breaking.
You are shock therapy
Deep in my brain.
You are the breath that lets me keep on living.
I’ve lost my heart,
But my lungs still remain.

– s. Clark

Theme Week: Impressions – 1


He’s the pause before the punchline
Silence of a bated breath,
Stillness spread across the ocean
That belies its reaching depth

He’s a stone wall, standing stoic,
You can lean on him to stand
And, unmoving, he’ll support you,
Even if he’s set in sand

But there’s life within his waters,
And there’s light inside his stones
His quick wit will keep you tipping,
And there’s laughter in his bones

Just beyond his walls are wonders
That are worth the climb you brave
And you cannot know the sea until
You sink beneath the waves

– s. Clark


She would rather that
One loyal, loving soul
Who knew her facts and faults
Who knew her in the whole
Would kneel beside her grave
And weep upon the dirt
That all the pain borne there
Would be an honest hurt
Of one who truly loved her,
The girl within the ground,
And thought the world much sadder
If she were not around.
She would rather have that,
One true, and loving friend,
Than a thousand admirers
To cry over her end;
Than all the world’s fanatics
To call a sadder place
The world that tried to claim her,
But only knew her face.
For she would change one life
And make it truly more,
Rather than claim many,
And leave them as before.
Yes, she would choose a death
That many do not feel.
But for those few who know it,
Their grief, their love, is real.

– s. Clark


You are the light that bursts through the clouds
Of a dreary, dull, gray day
The rose petal in a shifting pile of ashes
The soft blanket that guards against the chill of night
Green, speckled eyes, with a gentle, soothing scrutiny
Full of wisdom, far-reaching and calm,
Like the ocean reflecting the glimmering glory of the sun
A listening ear, a ready smile, a beautiful mind
With love for life that forbids denial
Gorgeous, witty, gleeful, and sure
Dear, dear girl, keep walking
The world is being shaped around your feet.

– s. Clark

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