Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"


four line poems

Theme Week: Old Souls – 2


There is youth in his face,
But such age in his eyes.
Oh, what a lovely,
Deceiving disguise.

– s. Clark

Reaching Hands

I want to trust your reaching hands
But cannot stand the strain
This love you say you hold for me
Feels far too much like pain.

– s. Clark

Theme Week: Love – 2


Her dreams were her wings,
And hope was her sky.
Love was the magic
That taught her to fly.

– s. Clark

Patchwork Past

You are sewn into my life now,
Quilted patch, part of the whole.
Whether I may love or hate it,
You’re imprinted on my soul.

– s. Clark


I will learn to take the pain
And place it on a shelf.
I will pretend so long, so well
that I convince myself.

– s. Clark

Strung Out

He strung her heart all out
And plucked it like a harp
He tried to soothe her strings,
But played the notes too sharp.

– s. Clark

Precursor to Change

I don’t ask for innovation,
Just that you resent your cage
Though I favor inspiration,
I can do so much with rage.

– s. Clark

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