Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"



Theme Week: Bravery – 3

Faith and Fear

Faith is the crisp, clean water
That soothes your thirsting heart.
Fear is the potent poison
That pulls the soul apart.
One cannot stand the other,
They cannot live combined,
Toxins in cleansing water,
Or fear with faith in mind.
One drop of bitter poison
Will spoil all you drink,
Just as one fear you hold to
Can ruin how you think.
And just as cleansing water
Will wash a venom out,
So too can trust through hardship
Rush through, and cleanse your doubt.
You must choose one or other,
You cannot hold to both,
You’ll find you’re drinking poison
And cutting off your growth.
So drink your cleansing water
Completely on its own.
Faith is not true faith, until
You let it stand alone.

– s. Clark


I tremble
Because I know I treat You
As a spoiled child
Treats a doting uncle.
Demanding, yet aloof,
Loving when it suits me.
When I should treat You
As a marching ant
Treats a roaring thunderstorm,
Fearful and in awe,
Hoping just for mercy.
I tremble
Because I know You to be God,
But speak with such
Flippant expectation,
Ordering accountability, to me.
When I should speak with
Reverent supplication,
Offering accountability, to You.
I am a minnow
Screaming at the Ocean
Insisting it make itself solid
So that I might walk over it
Neglecting all sense, order,
And knowledge of the way I have been formed.
Oh, I tremble.

– s. Clark

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