Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"



From the Deep

I wanted to do a rhyming poem for you next, since it’s been so long
but this is what my heart had
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Call to Open Arms

Friends, in response to my previous post and in light of all that’s happening in the world right now, I offer you my humble reply.

Call to Open Arms

At Worry’s End

At Worry's End

Losing You

I am terrified
To lose the image of your face,
That only heartache will replace
Its contours in my mind.
I am raw with pain,
And reaching for your fading shape,
Praying that it will not escape
The fragile, fickle bind
That is memory.
Is there nothing cannot be lost?
Have I not paid whatever cost
Was set for loving you?
Please leave something here,
Some happy shred of who you were,
One thought to which I can refer
For all the love we knew.

– s. Clark


He held his dream so deeply that
the dream was wrapped in fear.
It burned so bright within him that
it hurt to hold it near.
He never spoke it, for the way
it trembled on his lip,
and would not leave the shore for fear
of sinking with the ship.
And so the dream lay burning in
the embers of his soul.
For fear of flame extinguished, he
was left with only coal.

– s. Clark

Theme Week: Bravery – 3

Faith and Fear

Faith is the crisp, clean water
That soothes your thirsting heart.
Fear is the potent poison
That pulls the soul apart.
One cannot stand the other,
They cannot live combined,
Toxins in cleansing water,
Or fear with faith in mind.
One drop of bitter poison
Will spoil all you drink,
Just as one fear you hold to
Can ruin how you think.
And just as cleansing water
Will wash a venom out,
So too can trust through hardship
Rush through, and cleanse your doubt.
You must choose one or other,
You cannot hold to both,
You’ll find you’re drinking poison
And cutting off your growth.
So drink your cleansing water
Completely on its own.
Faith is not true faith, until
You let it stand alone.

– s. Clark


don’t ever leave me.
You are the wind
that tosses my thoughts in a frenzy
and twirls joy-stained leaves through my life
You are the paint
that dyes my greying heart with dreams
and colors the blank canvas of my mind
You are the coat
that cuts off the chill of cruelty
and hugs warmth back into my bones
You are bubbles in chocolate milk
You are rollerblade runs in my jeans
You are the thread sewing me together
And could unravel everything, if you pull it
So please,
don’t ever leave me.

– s. Clark


Remember you are loved
When your life falls apart,
Remember when it’s crashing that
You always have my heart.
Do not forget my name
When you fear no one cares,
Remember when you feel alone
That I am always there.
Don’t ever doubt your worth,
Don’t give in to the night.
If darkness is surrounding you,
Then I will be your light.
Believe within the storm
That you can make it through,
And even through the highest waves
That I will row with you.
Remember as you climb
That there is always hope,
And even if you fall, then you
Can use me as your rope.
Don’t ever choose to brave
The journey on your own,
Because as long as I exist
You’ll never be alone.

– s. Clark

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