Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"




She’s running,
but where? She does not know.
The wind will blow
and carry her away.
She’s swimming
the tides life sends her through.
There’s nothing she can do
to change course, or to stay.
She’s climbing,
but keeps wondering why.
She doesn’t need the high,
she always hated heights.
She battles,
so fiercely, in a war
she never signed up for.
She’s crying as she fights.

– s. Clark

Clashing Dreams

I won’t be made to feel ashamed
By all the worries that you wear
I can’t – and I will not – be blamed
For all the dreams you asked I share
For which, you knew, I did not care
I’ll not feel guilt for your despair.

You did not ask me of my heart
Nor of the hopes within my soul
Instead, you made me mere a part
Of you, and not myself a whole
It is a dreadful deal you dole
Such weight, you see… it takes its toll.

– s. Clark

Of Expectation and Deathless Hope

She gazed upon the fractured sky,
And raised her fist in wrath
To see the crooked cracks that marked
The violent aftermath
Of meeting her. Its fabric torn,
This was its fitting fate.
How could it promise endless heights,
And liberty so great?
How could it boast of boundless reach,
Of aeon twixt the stars,
And, having done, so cast her down
And leave her only scars?
A curse upon the painted vault!
A ceiling, nothing more.
Its searing hues of blacks and blues
Have bruised her to the core.
If, looking up, she had not thought
She heard its thrilling call,
Then she perhaps would not have risked
The rise…and more, the fall.
And now she fears to walk the world
Beneath its fissured face,
Condemned to ever scorn it for
So casting her from grace.

And yet… gazing upon the rift,
Despite all she has spoken,
She cannot help but think that if
It cracks…it can be broken.

– s. Clark

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