Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"




This world, it is so very short.
This lifespan is so small.
And soon, so soon, I come to Him,
And pass beyond it all.
The hurts and pains are weak refrains
Against His singing call,
Just spider-strands against His hands
That reach beyond it all.
This life is just a shooting star,
So do not fear the fall.
I blaze, I burn. His arms await,
His love, beyond it all.

– s. Clark

Miss You to Death

I miss you
In the way the chest spasms
And lungs constrict in flailing gulps
When the body has gone
Too long without air.

I miss you
In the way the throat burns
With raw and cracking, gasping thirst
When the breath inhaled
Sweeps a desert within.

I miss you
In the way tourniquets twist
To cut off circulation, numbing
If only it will cease
The hemorrhaging torrent.

I miss you
In the way muscles fail
Mountains of cold, dead flesh
Weighing down until
It cannot raise itself.

I miss you
In a base, grasping need
Aching deeply in my core
Straining at my ribs
I miss you to death.

– s. Clark

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