Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"



Miss You to Death

I miss you
In the way the chest spasms
And lungs constrict in flailing gulps
When the body has gone
Too long without air.

I miss you
In the way the throat burns
With raw and cracking, gasping thirst
When the breath inhaled
Sweeps a desert within.

I miss you
In the way tourniquets twist
To cut off circulation, numbing
If only it will cease
The hemorrhaging torrent.

I miss you
In the way muscles fail
Mountains of cold, dead flesh
Weighing down until
It cannot raise itself.

I miss you
In a base, grasping need
Aching deeply in my core
Straining at my ribs
I miss you to death.

– s. Clark

From Drowning, Saved

The darkness, in its swallow-grip
That holds her underneath the waves
And that would, she should know, consume
But for the reaching hand that saves

To grasp that hand, she must perceive
A light that sears her swollen eyes
The pain so great, that she would wish
To turn and choose her own demise

But oh that hand! That burning light!
That will not let her sink to death
But rather scorch the hateful dark
That steals away her sobbing breath

A soft caress upon her eyes
That tells her she can bear the sight
And, undeserved, a rising hope
To join, and live, and breathe the light!

To be! To live a purpose grand
To break free of the leaded tie
To dance amidst the storm, and laugh
At feeble death. In Him, to fly!

– s. Clark

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