Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"



Theme Week: Path and Purpose – 3

Disillusioned Dreamer

It was a right of passage, so he said,
To reach a point of disillusionment
Where you awaken to a sense of dread,
Setting aside your inner innocent.
There was a madness in the sense he made,
A sadness in my knowing his words true,
That every soul who walks with me has paid
The stiff price of admission that is due.
That is, to look upon our cherished lives
And find them not so bright as they once seemed.
The hollow fact that each of us survives
On table scraps of all that we have dreamed.
I do not know if all the striving ends
In finding that our hopes were worth the fight,
Or if eventually, conviction bends
For each of us, until we yield our light.
But surely, either way, that does not change
The fact that we should struggle for the goal
Of what we crave to be, and in exchange,
Success or loss, we keep our spirits whole.

– s. Clark


He’s tired. But not for lack of sleep,
For lack of living.
For lack of care worth giving.
He runs on broken dreams.
He’s hollow. And though his thoughts are deep,
His words are shallow.
He daily wakes to hallow
All of life’s twisted schemes.
He’s tired. But not for lack of sleep,
From all the running.
The search for something stunning,
For anything that gleams.

– s. Clark


He spoke to me of destiny,
Of life, and love in youth,
And I had not the heart to tell
The poor, sweet boy the truth.

– s. Clark

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