Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"



On Being Supportive



There is a reason we refer
To our passion as “fire”
Because both are
A chemical reaction, so strong
It needed physical manifestation.
It had to consume.
And it had to illuminate.

– s. Clark

Theme Week: Path and Purpose – 1

The Cure

Teach me the lullaby
for a heart that dreams too greatly.
Teach me to sing passion to sleep
and soothe the thirst which so innately
vexes me. There must be some way
to calm the aching,
to distract the fervent mind,
and coax the spirit into breaking.
Write me a prescription
for reality, and insist that I take
my daily dose. Inject me with vaccines
of harsh fact. Ensure I stay awake.
Surely you know, you must,
so stable in your comfort, so secure
in your routine, ordinary life…
Yes, you must know the cure.

– s. Clark

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