Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"



A Time for Grieving

Today I Will Grieve



Your Songs

Your Songs

Between the Lines

I have been doing well
(Come back, come back)
Life shudders, and goes on
(Come back, come back)
For time must heal all wounds
(Don’t go, don’t go)
And night stretches to dawn
(Come back, come back)
There is a rhythm now
(Come back. Come back.)
That beats beneath my feet
(Come back. Come back.)
It echoes like a drum,
(Don’t. Go. Don’t. Go.)
My heart synched to its beat
(Come back. Come back.)
So everything is fine
(Come back, come back)
All heartaches disappear
(Come back, come back)
And only leave behind
(Don’t go, don’t go)
The rhythm you don’t hear.

– s. Clark


This world, it is so very short.
This lifespan is so small.
And soon, so soon, I come to Him,
And pass beyond it all.
The hurts and pains are weak refrains
Against His singing call,
Just spider-strands against His hands
That reach beyond it all.
This life is just a shooting star,
So do not fear the fall.
I blaze, I burn. His arms await,
His love, beyond it all.

– s. Clark

Theme Week: Selfless – 2

Death swept a crooked eye across the earth
And chuckled, puffing fumes of acrid smoke,
To see that all within the world of worth
Was under his domain, since he awoke
From one man’s broken bond, in savage birth.

Then fell upon the land a blinding light
That formed into the figure of a man.
He marched toward Death, his presence scorched the night,
He gripped a golden scepter in his hand,
And walked in robes of rich and flawless white.

Death shuddered to behold the Maker come,
Who never stooped to walk so low before.
“What do you want with me, Creator’s son?
I reap what is my right to take, no more.
Man’s days are mine, and I will not succumb!”

The ground protested with a mighty groan,
When light stretched out and laid his scepter down,
“I have forgone the power of my throne.
Relinquishing the glory of my crown,
I come to buy man’s life back with my own.”

Death drew back, for he knew the soul within
Worth all the soiled lives in his expanse,
But still he raised his sickly hand and grinned.
For how could such as he deny the chance
To see the son of God bow down to him?

Then, clasping hands, Death met his burning eyes,
While earth and air around them cracked and crashed!
Both screamed in anguish, and Death realized
His fatal error, as he sank to ash,
For meeting light, the shadow always dies.

– s. Clark

Missile Launch

One flick of a finger
Launched a missile
That blew us all to hell.
Critical implosion
At the center of our souls
Left a crater in our lives.
Collateral damage beyond calculation,
Fires of fear scattered throughout
The shrapnel of our dreams.
Standing amidst such
Mutually assured destruction,
We have no water and no tools
To put out each other’s fires,
Or rebuild each other’s hearts.
Too busy preserving
What little we have left standing.
The damage you’ve dealt
Is world-shattering.
How could you pull the trigger?

– s. Clark


Fatality, for you, is just a word.
An abstract concept
measured in statistics.
Red numbers on a page.
Extra paperwork.
It once was the same for me,
a cursory glance,
a mournful sigh,
and moving on.
But now it bears
the crushing weight of familiarity.
Gut-wrenching impact
of experience.
The shocked horror of
an enemy’s face.
Death has become too close
for me to name him
something so scientific.

– s. Clark

I Can’t Hold You

I can’t hold you.
The days come, and they go.
Storms build amidst the winter snow.
I shiver as the sharp winds blow.
And I can’t hold you.
The moments swell and fall.
The sun shines down, the robins call.
I fill pages with pointless scrawl.
And I can’t hold you.
And there are other arms
That try to heal me of the harm,
That I can hold to keep me warm.
But I can’t hold you.
The world goes on and on.
The sun may rise, but brings no dawn,
Just vacant rage. For you are gone.
And I can’t hold you.

– s. Clark

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