Poetry by Shigé Clark

"Let the battered heart rejoice"





The World Could Have Been Flat

The world could have been flat.
I’m just saying, as far as dimension
is concerned, only God’s intention
dictated “Rise, and fall”
of landscape. So we all
get to learn what it means to climb,
to struggle over distance as well as time,
and gain height. Change perspectives,
discover scope along our directives.
The world could have been flat.
What possesses a Creator
to envision something greater
far beyond the meager needs of man?
To scatter stars across the span
of space.
To trace
a rhythm into time
so that as meter intwines
with swell and dip of tone,
we have the magic of music sewn
into the fabric of simple vibrations.
I look upon the glory of creation,
thinking how the world could have been flat.

– s. Clark


I tremble
Because I know I treat You
As a spoiled child
Treats a doting uncle.
Demanding, yet aloof,
Loving when it suits me.
When I should treat You
As a marching ant
Treats a roaring thunderstorm,
Fearful and in awe,
Hoping just for mercy.
I tremble
Because I know You to be God,
But speak with such
Flippant expectation,
Ordering accountability, to me.
When I should speak with
Reverent supplication,
Offering accountability, to You.
I am a minnow
Screaming at the Ocean
Insisting it make itself solid
So that I might walk over it
Neglecting all sense, order,
And knowledge of the way I have been formed.
Oh, I tremble.

– s. Clark

The truth lies under skin of trees,
In gentle breeze,
In microscopic cells.
The truth shines, burning from the sky,
It strikes the eye,
And silently compels.

– s. Clark

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