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Theme Week: Contradiction – 3

Cognitive Dissonance

We want to have patience,
but don’t want to wait.
Love movies with violence,
but want to end hate.

We say we love laughter,
and friendship, and truth.
We fight to keep money,
and status, and youth.

The world would be better,
I’ve found to be true,
if what we believed
looked more like what we do.

– s. Clark

Theme Week: Contradiction – 2


He is as small as an ant.
A tiny speck of dust
on a molecule of space,
whirling like a raindrop
through a hurricane.
He is large as the universe,
A soul of darkness, emblazoned
with burning points of light,
hopes as deep as space,
spirit as endless as time.

She is sensitive as the snow,
easily melted into tears
by harsh words and lost hope,
icy to the touch
when she has been burnt.
She is as tough as iron.
Unbroken through the battering
of sharpened grief and failure.
Holding strong to bear
the weight of many dreams.

We are, all of us, contrary.
Series of assorted pieces
linking in conflicting colors,
master work of painted puzzle.
Eternal contradictions.

– s. Clark

Theme Week: Contradictions – 1

Living Dead

My mind is dead
Just as my heart is gone
It’s strange that I, so spectral,
Carry on.
A jagged cage of ribs
Curved over hollow shade
Lurching bones making as though
I am of flesh still made
It should be numb,
To wander dead of brain,
Yet still I feel the cracking bones
And pain
Of all the splintered space
Where once there dwelt a heart
I can still feel the weeping wound
Where I was torn apart

– s. Clark

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